Gray Craftsman Lt1000 mower.The mower also comes in green!

Craftsman DYT 4000

In 2004, Sears introduced the Craftsman DYT 4000 riding mower. This is a mower that is not in production anymore but it continues to be popular on the aftermarket and many different parts are being made for this mower today. This is a unit that is effective for many plans that all might have and there are many good reasons as to why so many people stick with this Craftsman riding mower even after all this time where it has not been available for general use.

The Engine Is Sturdy and Powerful!

An 18.5 hp engine from Briggs and Stratton is used in this mower. This engine to strong enough to manage more controls and has enough care to give off plenty of help for more spaces. The two cylinders in the engine can also be secured with cylinder covers to keep the engine ready and working for all the functions one might have over time.


A Good Transmission Works With Care

The transmission on this unit will especially be effective for the goals that the user might have. It uses a hydrostatic Craftsman transmission that is capable of going in reverse or forward as needed. The transmission moves under the user’s control with gentle speeds that may be shifted according to the user’s needs. It can go at about five miles per hour at some of the strongest forms, thus making it rather easy to manage on any type of yard.


Plenty of Fuel Works

A very large gas tank is also used in this mower. This tank can handle four gallons of fuel or fifteen liters. This is enough to manage a full yard and then some additional tasks. It makes it so the user does not have to refuel the Craftsman mower far too often or be at risk of having to do this in the middle of a large project.

What Attachments Can Work?

One popular reason why this mower continues to be a hit on the aftermarket comes from how it works with a myriad of attachments that fit in with the demands that today’s modern mower users may have. These attachments cover many needs that people have including blade bolts that can handle 42-inch blades and manual lifts.


Some additional hitch attachments may also be used to help propel the mower while it tows items although this is best for when smaller yard equipment has to be towed. A snow blower or shovel can also be added to the front of the unit to allow for a little more support when getting the mower to push forward while giving a better sense of support for giving the unit the power that one is trying to attain while in the snow.

Those who are looking for older mowers that will continue to stay functional can see how the Craftsman DYT 4000 can be used. This mower from 2004 will be effective for more controls and can establish a quality style and format that will be easy to manage and set up for the goals that one might have under any type of circumstance that it has to work in.