Gray Craftsman Lt1000 mower.The mower also comes in green!

Craftsman LT 1000 Parts

Craftsman has a number of useful parts for people to take a look at when finding items that work for the LT 1000 riding lawnmower. These Craftsman LT 1000 parts are essential to have for the goals that all people may have when getting a quality mower ready. In fact, these parts are available with values that are relatively easy for a typical person to afford.

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A Steering Shift Is Essential

A steering shift can be critical for the Craftsman LT 1000. This unit is designed with a small bar shape and will easily fit into the main chassis. This can be found for about twenty to thirty dollars depending on where one goes to get it.

Mulching Blades Must Be Checked

The Craftsman LT 1000 works with a number of different mulching blade styles. This mower works with the 134149, 133128 and 24676 blade models. They may be paired with a mulch plug to help take care of grass clippings and to cut them down as mulch. These may be about 42 inches in length and will be good enough to take care of most yards. This can be found for a little more than fifty dollars when the blades and proper mulch plug are added.


Look For Good Tires

The Craftsman LT 1000 tires that are to be used are 15×6.00×6 tiles that are two-ply and made with a thick body to ensure that they will stay intact and will not wear out easily. It only costs twenty to thirty dollars to get a single tire but it is always best to make sure every single tire is covered in a plan. This is to see that the setup is going to be ready for use as needed.

Smaller 20x10x8 tires are to be used on the rear. These tires typically cost the same as that of the ones that go on the front and will be essential for keeping a sense of balance on the mower so it will continue to work in just about any condition that one might try and put it in at a given moment.

Cylinder Shields Are Affordable

Cylinder shields for the LT 1000 engine are open for about fifteen dollars each. The 917.272672 shield part is designed to cover the engine cylinders and to make sure they are as strong as possible and ready to work with for any purpose one might have.


A Drive Belt Must Work

The drive belt is rather long but it will be critical to ensuring that the mower will work. This Craftsman drive belt in particular works with a 95-inch length and is in the 144959 model range. This can be found for about forty dollars in many cases and will be designed with a thick rubber body to keep the unit ready and intact without being at risk of snapping or melting as it is in use.


These are Craftsman LT 1000 parts that must be checked upon. These parts should be stocked in one’s garage on a regular basis. It will not be a challenge to afford many of these items either, thus making it easier for such items to be made ready for general use as required.