Gray Craftsman Lt1000 mower.The mower also comes in green!

Craftsman LT1000

Why the Craftsman LT1000 Amazes After All This Time

The Craftsman LT1000 is a riding mower that had been sold by Sears quite a while ago and parts for the mower are still available for sale in many places to this day. It is a unique mower and the reasons why so many people like it are rather plentiful. It is a fully functional and effective unit that fits in quite well for the needs in a setup as it is to be run.

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A Good Size

The Craftsman LT1000 42-inch mower is a unit that is rather easy for more people to manage and move around a field for any use. It is a mower that features a rather strong body that is rather easy to manage. On a related note, the 17.5 hp engine from Briggs and Stratton adds a bit of control that is always welcomed by those who are looking for ways to manage their mowing functions without any real problems coming in the way of how it can all work.


It Shifts Well

Many people prefer to go with different mowers where there is a better sense of control for all the hears. The Craftsman LT1000 gives users the control that they deserve by working with a sturdy seven-speed transmission. It allows the user to set the speed on the mower to a rate that one is comfortable with. This reduces the potential for the mower to not work as well as it should and will enhance the overall functionality of the mower when it is managed the right way and as carefully as possible.


A Fine Console

The console on a mower is important with regards to creating a better surface to mow on and the Craftsman LT1000 makes it easy for anyone to control the mower as needed. It has a body that features a shift lever near the back left area of the mower plus a blade engage lever on the back right that is clearly distinguished from the nearby deck lift lever. The two levers on the front are for the speed, parking brake and throttle. This adds a good setup that is sturdy and ready to work for whatever plans one might require for any intention one has when going around a field.


A Lengthy Drive Belt Makes It Functional

An extended drive belt that is about 95 inches in length is included with this mower. This longer length allows it to manage the entire body of the engine and to keep it ready. This is also thick and sturdy enough to where it will not be at risk of melting or warping from the intense heat that may be generated on the inside of the mower. When this is mixed with the 17.5 hp engine then it will create a unit that will continue to function for years to come and not be at a serious risk of breaking down while in use.

It Supports Many Batteries

The battery compartment is capable of working with batteries of all sorts. While Sears does recommend that the Craftsman LT1000 uses the DieHard batteries that Sears has long been using for auto and mower services, this may also work with batteries from Duracell and Rayovac. The battery template is designed to the point where it is rather easy for the unit to be powered up and ready for work for any purpose one might have. It makes for a smart setup that all people can take advantage from when used the right way.

The battery compartment in particular is very easy to access. The battery hood only takes a few moments to access and when it is opened it will display everything within the unit with more than enough care, thus creating a better setup that makes for a unit that is not all that hard to manage. If it is opened properly and kept clean then the battery component will last for years to come, thus making for quite a great deal when the entire setup is considered.


A Quiet Sound

One popular aspect of this mower is that it comes with a rather quiet sound. That is, it is not going to create a great deal of noise as it is in motion. The piston shields for the engine will keep vibrations from being a threat and are designed to especially secure the functions within the mower so it will not create an intense number of vibrations as it is being made ready for use.

It Can Handle Mulching

This unit can also work with mulching functions. It requires an additional mulching kit to help with setting up the process and to take care of old clippings with ease but it will be rather easy to manage if it is used with more than enough care.


In particular, it only takes a few moments for the mulching unit for the LT1000 or any other LT1000 accessory to be attached to the mower. This has a series of well-defined locks and connectors that make adding different attachments to the mower a breeze. It makes it so there is no need to get into any extensive bits of guesswork just to make the overall setup for the unit ready to work for the intentions one has.

The Craftsman LT1000 is a good riding mower that can still be found in many places to this day. It can still be found on many websites and may also be rebuilt with individual parts that can be found online. It will help for those who want to look for different mowers to see how these can work for the demands that one might have.