Gray Craftsman Lt1000 mower.The mower also comes in green!

Craftsman LT2000

The Essential Characteristics Of The Craftsman LT2000

The Craftsman LT2000 is a riding mower that had been sold by Sears for a number of years. This is a reliable model that is still available through many outside providers to this day. This Craftsman riding mower continues to be popular thanks to how it has features that are designed to provide the user with the right controls and functions for keeping a mower ready for use.

The 21 HP Work At Varying Speeds

The 21 HP engine is a popular part of the mower but what makes this feature stand out is the way how it uses it at varying speeds. That is, the mower will use many speeds to help control its movements in many different terrain situations. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the mower will continue to work as needed and stay ready no matter what the conditions on the field may be.


A Good Deck Works

The design on the deck is a part of what makes the LT2000 functional. A 46-inch deck is designed to create a space that is wide and capable of allowing a person to control the unit with care. It all works well with a setup that really makes it sensible and easy to manage. The tractor has a belt size of 95 1/2 “x 1/2”.

A Full Hitch Works

A hitch point is designed on this unit to make the process of linking items up as easy to manage as possible. This hitch point uses a setup where it connects to different items with ease and makes for a smarter setup that really fits in as needed.

The Controls Work Well

The controls that are on the seat of the Craftsman LT2000 particularly helps to create a better look that fits in right and allows for a little more control as needed. This design is made with a body that features a blade engage lever on the back right part plus a shift lever on the left back area. These are ergonomically positioned to make the setup easy to manage and control for the goals that one might have when making such a setup ready and easy to work with.

The throttle and brake pedals are also positioned near the front. The controls are designed to where the setup will move well and will not put the user at risk of any problems with regards to getting the setup ready to work for the goals that one has when getting a proper unit ready for use. All in all, the parts are really well put together, it should easily last at least 6-7 years with moderate use, without any significant malfunctions. And that’s only a conservative estimate. Also, by consulting the manual, most problems can easily be fixed in a matter of hours.


Gas Works Carefully Too

Many forms of gasoline can also be used. This unit can work with MTBE fuel and any unleaded gasoline product that is less than 15% MTBE by volume. The design will help toc reate a better tone that fits in right and will be rather easy for anyone to manage as the setup is used, thus giving off a better control setup that is not going to be all that hard to manage.

These features are part of what makes the Craftsman LT2000 such a popular option among riding mowers. It is a model that continues to impress thanks to how powerful and functional it truly is. For the price, it’s one of the best mowers you can get!