Gray Craftsman Lt1000 mower.The mower also comes in green!

The Craftsman 42 Riding Mower

Those who are looking for fine materials that are easy to manage while mowing a lawn can use the Craftsman 42 riding mower. It is designed with a body that fits in with a good look that is easy to handle and can take care of any lawn.

This Craftsman riding mower gets its name from how it is about 42 inches in size. This is ideal but it is also paired with a 19 HP engine from Briggs and Stratton to allow for plenty of control and coverage over a surface so it will continue to look as strong as possible.

Manual Transmission Is Key

One popular part of the Craftsman 42 riding mower is that it is designed with a manual transmission. This transmission is designed to help with allowing for more control of all the gears. The design works to ensure that the setup is ready and will not be too hard to manage, thus providing more control over the motor in just about any situation one wants to control it in.


A Good Gas Tank Works

One bane of the typical mower-operator comes from having to refuel a gas tank all the time. This is bothersome but at the same time the 42 mower works with a 2.5-gallon gas tank. This makes it so the unit will be easy to manage and can be taken care of for an extended period of time without creating any hassles in terms of how it is all run.


A Tight Turning Radius

There is always that need to see that the turning radius on a mower will continue to work quite well. This mower from Craftsman has a turning radius at six inches. This tight radius is designed to see that the setup will move the person through a spot without any problems coming from how it is organized.

It Works With Care For the Rider

The need to manage a good chassis is always important. This Craftsman mower has a body that can handle a good setup that is easy to control and use. This has an adjustable seat and comes with a series of headlights to help see through even the darkest parts of a yard. It can even cut through fog if this ever comes about while trying to get some kind of mowing plan ready.

This chassis is also supported with a strong steel frame. It has a cast iron axel that is also useful to help keep it set up right and with a stronger look that fits on quite well. This is provided on the unit to ensure that it will be ready to perform and function when the user absolutely has to make it work. This provides the user with a setup that is carefully made and will work right to offer a quality look and feel that fits in right while using the mower.


The Craftsman 42 riding mower will be essential to those who need help with managing their mowing needs. It fits in well in any property and is easy to manage for a variety of controls and setups that one wants to work with at any given moment.